Single woman looking for European/American male for co-paren

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by Tihanas » 01 Sep 2019

I am a single caucasian woman looking for a white male for co-parenting/ donor. Located in Las Vegas. Please respond if interested.

by EMTTRT » 03 Sep 2019

Good evening to the hopeful soon to be mother. What can you tell us about yourself?

by jake76 » 04 Sep 2019

Hello! I'd be interested, lets talk some more? Let me know the best way to contact you

by Bryan919 » 13 Sep 2019

I would be interested and am in Vegas....

by lokeydan » 31 Oct 2019

Hi I live in San Diego. Could I come to Vegas and buy you a cup of coffee and let you feel me out as to whether I would be a good dad.

by MariaL10 » 05 Jul 2020

Hello - single heterosexual female in Las Vegas considering this process. Wondering where you are at with your search. Love the idea of a group of strong woman supporting each other through this process/motherhood/family.

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