Single woman looking for donor Victoria BC

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by Ready2b0 » 15 Mar 2020

Hi I am a single woman who is well established and looking to start a family. I need someone who wants to donate. I am doing IUI with donor sperm and it’s stressful which is why I feel I’ve had no luck so far. It’s hard going through this. I just want a baby of my own to love and cherish while giving them my GE best life. I haven’t met the one and I am 28.

by Vicred » 19 Mar 2020

Hi, how are you? I hope we can chat and establish if I’m the one co parent you would like to have . I am interested

by Healthy7 » 28 Mar 2020

Hello their. My name is Houman. I’m kind loving caring gentleman. I’m Healthy and I’d love to plant my abundance Seeds deep. So Healthy,Beautiful, Happy life may grow and takes its place in this great planet of our and contributes something big and positive to our History. It can take shape in many different forms. To serve in military, to Fire Fighters , Police , Politics, Health, Arts, actor’s, writer, So On.

by scobydoo » 08 Apr 2020


I wan the same thing too
Wish we can catch to have further discussion

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