Single woman looking for co-parenting Montreal

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by Ianthi34 » 03 Nov 2017

I'm looking to have a baby with someone who's interested in co-parenting.
I'm a good looking woman at my 40s, well educated and healthy.

If you're looking for the same send me a text.

by mnavy » 05 Nov 2017

I'm interested.
Healthy male. Willing to travel any distance to find suitable partner.

by Jon1547 » 05 Nov 2017

Hi, I live in kentucky

by Mark5m » 06 Nov 2017

Hello Ianthi,

I want to meet you.

Have a nice week,


by JoeJJ » 07 Nov 2017

Sounds interesting. Let us discuss further.
Please check my profile and sen d a private message.

by Biggreek » 16 Nov 2017

Hey im from Montreal lets talk send me a message

by zlatarov » 17 Mar 2018

If you still interesting I am from Montreal.

by Zayn » 09 Jun 2018

Hey im from Montreal send me a message

by mojoman » 17 Jun 2018

I am wanting to co parent , I am male, seeking sincere woman for whole life and or partner

by Itzy » 18 Jun 2018

Hi Joanne! Nice to hear from you! Itzy

by cdnman » 19 Jun 2018

Morning Lanthi,

How are you this morning?
I'm a single fatherless male looking to co-parent.

It's not an easy task to find a suitable partner but I can assure you from some of my could be rewarding.
So a little about myself. I'm 54...yes a little late in my life but wish to be a co-parent father. I enjoy most sports, educated and stays healthy.
Never married nor had any kids...I would like the opportunity to get to know you if possible and determine if there's any chemistry to move forward.

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