Single mum looking for donor who can come to me

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by Grace78 » 07 Feb 2018

Hi I live in Cambridge waikato and am looking for a donor who can come to me will chip in for petrol money so can't come from far away as I am on a low income. Desperate to have a sibling for my daughter before it's too late. Had missed miscarriage end last year so definately able to get pregnant still. Please if anyone is keen to help me I separated from my husband a couple of years ago and am busy still dealing with legal hearings to protect my daughter. Would love to hear from you...thus us new for me I would do anything to have another child.

by shrem » 09 Feb 2018

I wish could help you but i cannot travel to your place, Let me know if you are coming hear in Goa anytime may be i can help you with a baby, my id is *** or atleast we can be good friends online, please reply

by Toffee79 » 03 Apr 2018

Hi Grace, sorry to read about your miscarriage last year.
I would be happy to help if you want?
Let have a go....

by Scotscan » 27 Apr 2018

Hi I can probably help.

Kind regards

email ***

by Peter76 » 14 May 2018

Hello Grace78

I travel down to Cambridge a lot, almost weekly, as my grandchildren live near there. Please read my profile, and post a reply if you'd like to chat further.

Thank you

by NzMale10 » 22 May 2018

Hey Grace,

If you are still looking for someone, I would be able to travel to Cambridge. Auckland based, so not too much of a distance to travel. If my profile interests you, chuck a message on through, if not, understandable, but good luck!

by Aody » 15 Aug 2018

nice profile

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