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by James1966 » 27 Jan 2016

I'm 49 and while people say men can always have kids they forget it takes a woman too. And that means dating younger women and that's not realistic. I've not been lucky enough to find love so I'm here. Ideally I'd like two kids, a boy and girl. I want kids of my own. I admire adoption but a) it's impossible for a single man to adopt and b) I want them to be biologically mine.
I'm a good guy. Good job. Nice home. And i would be a great dad.
Ideally, I'd like the mom to be around for the baby phase but at this point I just want children.

by wishful2 » 23 Mar 2016

Hi,are you still looking.If so send me a message please

by gabriellea » 06 Apr 2016

Hello if your still interested please message me.

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