Single lady looking for a sperm donor in and around LA

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by Lixblix » 02 Oct 2018

Hi, due to the lack of the "love of my life" I am looking for a kind, wonderful human to be a sperm donor to my baby. I have an IVF appointment set up in December but I first wanna try it the closest to natural as possible.

Since everyone in my family is tall I am looking for someone handsome, dark haired and at the very least 5'11" in height but preferably taller. A very mixed racial background, ideally with some Native American blood as well, is preferred, as is intelligence and or a higher level of education. Of course though the personality is most important.

Since I have an IVF appointment already set up but I wanna try it naturally first, I am looking to find a donor only asap.

thank you!

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