Single guy seeking co-parenting situation

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by bukol » 23 Feb 2012

Ciao all,

I put resources into this site as a friend recently told me she was a able to get a donor through this.

I am a single good-looking and intelligent lad seeking a co-parenting situation. Apparently not an easy thing. Many profiles here seem not to exist anymore.

bummer ....


by Phouff » 17 Apr 2012

I am looking as well, shall we get in contact? I'm new to this site.

by rachel8 » 14 May 2012

It does seem like a ghost town on this site. We might as well make the best of it while it lasts. Or, maybe they all found each other and are busy raising babies! Check my profile out Rachel8

by Mom128 » 23 Dec 2013


I am new to this forum. I'm a female on the West Coast, looking for a man to co-parent with. If you are interested, *reply to this post on the forum here please*, and I will write back with more info about me, contact details, etc.


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