Single female seeking connection...mentally..physically.

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by Angel000 » 10 Dec 2017

It's amazing the many paths life can take you down. When your young you can take for granted that old cliche,,,"life is short" don't let it past you by.
I never thought in a MILLION years I would be on a site exploring partners to create a life with. Didn't even think one would exist. But here we are!
I have been lucky in love and I have taken time for granted. Being attractive and having had good sex and relationships doesn't necessarily guarantee a love to create life with. While I will admit it has been my not so good decision making that let a Good man get away. And as we all know as you get older your expectations change. The list get longer!

At this point, sanity, good health, and morale is on my top ten!
I wasn't to sure how to start the up here. But I'm not looking to waist time and I hope this introduction attracts, a healthy, heterosexual grown-man who is serious.

by siddiq » 11 Dec 2017


Im Interested to know details from you. let's be connected at ***

by Angel000 » 12 Dec 2017


I do not have your contact info...Would like to know more about you.


by Jon1547 » 27 Dec 2017

Yes I agree and interested maybe we can talk more about this

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