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by Antoniya » 21 Jun 2017

Hello, I am a 32 year old woman, I am European, currently living in Mexico. I am educated, I speak 4 languages, i am fit and I exercise almost every day,i have spent the last 10 years building a career and chasing my dreams....I have traveled most of the world and have done a lot of exciting things like ziplining in Costa Rica, Crab fishing and Whale watching in Alaska, ATV racing, sky diving, snorkeling in the Caribbean reefs, explored underground rivers of Mexico, hiking Glaciers and Volcanoes...pretty much - u name it - I've done was awesome until one day I woke up and realized I'm over 30 and don't have anyone (but my dog) to go home to..and suddenly making money did not matter anymore..
So I am looking for someone, preferebly to Co-parent with but I am open for a sperm donor too.. I am hoping to find someone under 40, preferebly light brown/blond hair, blue/green eyes..I'm looking for a US citizen or a European guy as I will be more comfortable with such partner.
I have worked with a US company for the last 7 years and I am not looking for a green card! I have a Visa for the states for 10 more years and as a European Union citizen most countries there are open boarder for me so for co-parenting arrangements it will be ideal for me to have a partner I can travel to for visits.
I am open for conversations and more information about me if anyone is interested.
Hope you are there somewhere...

by Finnal42 » 07 Jul 2017

Hey im an average guy from the states im 5'6 200" and i have a great job i graduated from highschool 2 years early (i havethe paperwork) and willing to have a child as long as i know its going to have a stro g genetic background

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