Single, educated woman searching for donor and poss coparent

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by Megan31 » 12 Dec 2019

Hi all,

My name is Megan and I’m a 26 year old nurse searching for a donor and possible coparent. I’ve wanted to be a mother for many years, and I’d like to begin my journey into motherhood sooner rather than later. I would enjoy a coparenting situation with a couple (straight or gay) preferably, because I like the idea of raising a child within a tribe, with many people around to provide care and support for each other. I am still very much open to a single male (straight or gay) coparent as well. My family is involved, and supportive of me on this endeavor. It would be my greatest joy to have a child who is surrounded by people that love him/her.

by EMTTRT » 15 Dec 2019

Hello megan, my name is Jesse. What area are you from?

by jdoogie » 16 Dec 2019

Hi Megan, my name is Joe.

by Jondur24 » 24 Dec 2019

I am interested. I would be happy to discuss further with you.

by Cwash » 25 Dec 2019

Hi Megan, i am also searching for a coparent. i am a nurse as well

by Wesley » 28 Dec 2019

I saw your post. It looks like we might have the same values. Let’s get some dialogue going if you would like. I travel back-and-forth to Europe every two weeks for my job I’m in the US two weeks and then Europe two weeksI have one adopted son from a previous marriage but I’m looking into coparenting internationally or domestically Hope you had a good Christmas Wesley

by Wesley » 29 Dec 2019

Hi how are you it looks like I saw something in your profile I travel every two weeks to Rome in Geneva but live in Florida I also travel throughout the United States and have offices in Colorado I’m looking for a situation of coparenting Wesley

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