Single educated woman / looking for good man to coparent

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by LindaNY » 14 May 2020

I have lot lost faith in love but i am not sure when that will happen.

I would like to find a single,educated, handsome, good values, healthy guy who would like to coparent with me. I am willing to relocate at some point.


by Mimosa » 19 May 2020

Me too. I'm with my boyfriend now but he is not interested in commitment or babies. I'm looking for the option to have baby as I'm not that young anymore. So sad how this becomes but I dont see any other option in my current relationship.

by LindaNY » 23 May 2020

Mimosa you are a strong woman and that is what makes you amazing.

life is short go for what you want.


by mirzamb » 27 May 2020

Hi how are you if i can do anything for you let me know please

by James51 » 29 May 2020

I'm James 54 in texas. I would love to help you out. Let's talk more if your interested ok?

by rajsubra » 03 Jun 2020

I am Raj from Texas. I can help on you for co parenting. Lets talk

by Asian83 » 15 Jun 2020

Hi Linda, are you still looking?

by npe1jar » 15 Jun 2020

I wonder to what extent ethnicity would be a factor. I'm looking to co-parent as well, as an African American man (44 y/o).

by cdnman » 16 Jun 2020

Hi Linda...Looking to see if there's interest.


by Joe91 » 19 Jun 2020

Hello Linda, if you are still considering it kindly
drop me an email. :) Perhaps we might have something in common to talked about.


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