Single black man in Montreal available for coparenting

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by Marc1210 » 18 Apr 2020

I am a Professional in my thirties, African background. Live in Montreal. Looking to be a father for the first time. Hopefully find a coparenting style which I believe can be very positive for all involved. I already have experience with young children (babysitting,etc...). Im very open to all ethnicities too, and very flexible in how the coparenting would happen (mum can have more custody if she desires). So it is my pleasure to hear from you and take it from there.

by Deecooki » 20 May 2020

Hi I am olivia interested but do you have a pic ?

by Marc1210 » 01 Jul 2020

Hi Deecooki
I believe a co-parenting goes beyond a picture as the 1st criteria. Let's talk a little on how we see it and then we can eventually get to physical appearance. Thank you

by Hkd123 » 21 Aug 2020

Hi! I am in New York but by the border. Maybe 3 hours from Montreal. Would love to speak further about a potential co-parent arrangement of New York isn’t out of the question. Thanks!

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