Single 38 year old woman looking for donor in Hampton Roads

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by APTTH79 » 22 Jun 2019


I am 38 year old single woman with a big heart looking to have my first child. I’m single by choice, but capable and ready to share my love and home with a child of my own. As a woman of faith I understand the path that is expected, but I also know my heart. This yearning for a child has only continued to grow.

My goal is to find a man with an equally big heart who is caring, heathy, honest and available in my local area. I am not looking to co-parent. If you are interested and can provide current documentation showing you have no STI/STDs or other illnesses that can be passed to me or the child, please respond. Thank you in advance to all the men on this website who are willing to help families grow. You will never know how much that means to women and couples like myself.

Grace and peace.

by willymix » 18 Jan 2020

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