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by KYDAD » 01 Apr 2020

I am sitting here during the days of lockdown from the corona virus and Im noticing the lack of communication, and the degree of inactivity of those people that have decided that they want children. It is all slow and moves at a snails pace if it moves at all. Im wondering why that is. In most cases, the thought of children is not a spontaneous thought but desires that have been nurtured for years. If two people are at the same point in there lives and want the same thing, shouldn't there at the very least be more communication to grab at and reach there goals of parenthood. Tomorrow is not a given, and every day I see the chance of my either donating or coparenting to being less and less. I want to take advantage of today and not wait any longer to either donate or coparent for a beautiful child. Please contact me if you are in the KY or surrounding state and you are ready to be a parent now. Lets talk and see if this works, To talk with one another is no commitment, but we can find out if there is anything of a fit. Contact me.

by mage82 » 05 Apr 2020

Very true. Prayers to you during these times. Just know that maybe there still might be someone just as passionate of parenthood despite circumstances

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