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Seeking sperm donor - Wellington based

Seeking sperm donor - Wellington based

Our forum is dedicated to all people looking for a sperm donation, or sperm donors themselves, from New Zealand. We invite all our users to exchange their thoughts regarding sperm donation, whether they have been through the process of a sperm donation in New Zealand or not.

by casje21 » 11 Jan 2014

23 year old female, married to a female, looking to start a family!

Keen to find a sperm donor who would like to be known to and see the child every now and then but not co parent.

We are non-religious, smart, healthy, good people.

We have been together for 7 years. We lead our lives with health, animals and the environment at the forefront.

We are looking for a caucasian male to be a sperm donor. Must be non religious, sensible, healthy and respect same sex relationships. Would prefer someone based in Wellington.

by Scotscan » 20 Jul 2016

Hi Please contact me I am sure I can assist!

by leahjane » 15 May 2017

I'm a 22 year old high functioning autistic in a long distant relationship with a German/Scandinavian who is impotent would like to hear from you whether you're able to support me financially and be partially involved.

by CraigM » 24 May 2017

Hello I would be happy to assist feel free to contact me

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