Seeking Sperm Donor Caucasian with great features

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by angie072 » 09 Sep 2017


My name is Ann, and I am not on here to look for a man or relationship at that. I am on here looking for someone who will change my life life forever. I am a good looking African American single woman seeking to have my firsyt child. I would like someone who is open to giving a sperm donation. We are looking for a perfect donor to use to have kids. I want 2-3 kids all from the same donor so they all look somewhat alike. If you can help us out that would be the biggest gift we will ever receive in our lives. I prefer a guy whose smart, tall, handsome, Caucasian with great features.

Tall between 5'10 - 6'5
White, light skinned black or latino (this does not rule out all other races). We just prefer those because we feel they would create beautiful babies with our mix. So please still write us if you meet all requirments but arent of those 3 races
Do not smoke or do drugs
Occasionally drink
And are healthy

Those are the must haves

Some pluses are
Colored eyes :)

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