Seeking Native American & White Donor

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by AllisonF » 25 Oct 2017

I am 37 years old, my partner is 36. I have suffered with PSOS for sometime now. We have tried to conceive but to no avail we have not. I am seeking someone who resembles my partner.

He is 5-7, appt 170 pds, educated, has sandy brown hair and hazel green eyes. We know there may be a chance that our potential donors sperm may not give us a child with hazel green eyes but anything is possible.

Recently in the month of August I, had a cyst burst and now recently back on track with regular cycles so this is the ideal time to get back to trying to conceive.We are seeking donation only, we are willing to sign any necessary legal documentation. Should all go well, we would be willing to pair up with partner again for more children.

I come from a family of 5 children, as for my partner he has 2 brothers. He also has one daughter who is 9 years old. His sperm count is low and doctors are unsure if it can be raised, but we are seeking a 2nd opinion.
This is our the last option to try to conceive.,honestly I am frustrated with taking test, only for them to be negative.

I would prefer the old fashioned method of conception, but depending on where my donor is shipping specimen will work as well.
I would like to get to know the donor before going forward, this will be my first child and I would hope the person can understand my need to want to get to know who will be providing donation.

At some point, after getting to know one another I would like to video chat, exchange photos etc to make sure the donor will resemble my partner.
I'm very new to this site so I am open minded.

My race is black and Indian I am brown skinned with brown eyes, my partner is native american and white his complexion is light skinned fair toned skin.

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