Seeking East Asian Sperm Donor

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by babyaqua » 21 Jul 2019

I am new to this but open to the concept of sperm donors and/or co-parenting. I am a Chinese 32 year old female. I have dedicated a lot of time to my business and therefore have not bad too much time for relationships. However, I am looking to become a mother in the coming year, and would like to receive sperm donations from an East Asian male (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Mongolian, Vietnamese, or an Asian mix). Since I come from a background of long lived individuals, I would want my sperm donor to have the following traits:
- currently in your thirties
- grandparents still alive and well
- no genetic defects or diseases
- no family history of chronic illnesses or cancers
- physically and mentally healthy
- taller than 5'8"

Anyone fulfilling the above criteria, please message me. I am in the Toronto area. Thank you for your time.

by david018 » 01 Sep 2019

Hello! I am interesting in your post! How do we get in touch? Please message me. Thank you.

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