seeking donor in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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by teal79 » 09 Feb 2017

I'm 38 & wanting to have a baby. I have everything one would need to raise a child except the help from a man. Finding a donor is difficult. I haven't found anyone locally or even on this site so far after months of looking.
Is there any one who is willing to help me? Please

by jw1988 » 26 Mar 2017

I'm in Florida however I'd be glad to ship my sperm to you. Message me if you're interested.

by LukaRam » 29 Mar 2017

31, in Middle Sackville, willing to assist. Let's talk.

by LukaRam » 29 Mar 2017

I'm in Halifax, and willing to help. If you're still interested.

by endowed » 10 Jun 2017

Hi, I would love to help you out. I truly understand your disappointment. Please read my profile and see if I could meet with your expectations. I could travel to Halifax if necessary.

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