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by Emiliana » 12 Nov 2019

Hi all -
I'm a 34-year old woman seeking a coparent in GA, preferably north of Atlanta as I live in Lawrenceville. I am open to either sex and am open to both platonic or romantic relationships. I have a preteen and am serious about wanting to have more children. But I'm tired of waiting for the right partner, nor am I incredibly interested in getting married! Ideally we can live together or nearby and enjoy raising this baby together. I'm well-educated, book smart, and love gardening, music, and science. I truly enjoy being a mother. For more details on myself or the situation offered, please leave a message with some contact info and I'd be happy to talk!
Here's hoping putting myself out here isn't in vain! Emily

by atl87 » 03 Jan 2020

Hey. I’m in the Atlanta area as well, looking for the same thing. Maybe we can chat and get to know each other.

by BxBobby » 04 Jan 2020


by RIDonor » 23 Jan 2020

I'm north of ATL 29yo white male here I can help you have a baby. I want to remain anonymous though so this might not be what you're after but if it helps you, let me know. I'll help!

by impavido » 17 Mar 2020

I'm not able to help the original post in this thread, but there may be others in the thread... I'm seeking a white, hetero, male in the NE Atl area that is interested in coparenting. If interested, please review my profile and message me.

by ATLdaddy » 29 Jun 2020

Hi Emily have you gotten pregnant yet?

by Hade » 23 Jul 2020

hey beautiful are you still available let do this!.

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