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by ADawn321 » 31 Jan 2020

Hello Forum!

This is something I’ve considered for quite some time, but writing this ad is my first big step in advancing this dream into reality! I’m a single professional woman, 43, 5’6”, 114lbs, excellent health, who resides in Denver: grounded, intelligent, athletic, educated, kind, and creative are a few words that describe me well, I am close with my family and have a close group of friends who are meaningful in my life. Like perhaps many others on this site, ‘life’ got in the way of having a child earlier, and when faced with the possibility of not having at least one child, I’ve begun to seek out alternative means to accomplishing this dream.

Ideally, I am seeking a sperm donor through NI, but also open to the idea of coparenting under the right circumstances. I should clarify that if pursuing the donor route, while I would not expect any future financial commitment, I would hope for some contact from time to time. I know this isn’t a scenario that’s comfortable for everyone, so I want to be upfront from the beginning. I am also open to out of state, if it’s a good fit.

Seeking Caucasian male, intelligent, athletic, accomplished, someone who knows he can have/has had healthy kids; a history of twins in the family is a bonus! Please reach out if this resonates, and let’s talk further! I would be happy to provide photos.

by mexplz13 » 03 Feb 2020

If you ate still looking i am interested

by JasonIQ » 07 Mar 2020

I’m interested. Twins every where in my family. How are you?

by Bdbb246 » 14 Apr 2020

Good luck in your searches in for me if I can help 40-year-old male from Idaho

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