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by COCRE » 26 May 2012

Seeking Auckland Sperm Donor. 41 year old woman, had hoped to meet 'the one' and in a commited relationship, have children. Time is ticking and alternative options now being sought. Preference that the donor be a dad to the child, but no quams about parenting alone. I'm old fashioned in the process, would like to be in a position to say to my child truefully, that we were friends first. Physical appearence not a priority. So, if you are willing to participate in co-creating a precious gift from God... Lets start talking.

by sting16 » 22 May 2013

Hi did you have any success?

by Marty » 31 May 2013

Hi I have started being a sperm donor recently, as my wife was unable to bear a child, but has no issues with me being a donor to help others.

Currently we are co parents for the neighbours 7 year old boy. My neighbour is a solo mum, and needs some space of her own sometimes, so we look after her son for a few hours several times a week. The joy of having a child to teach and have a laugh with is something amazing.

That is the other reason for my desire to help others have their own child. I'm keen on a co parenting arrangement, but also can be donor only just depending on your wish.
I am banking sperm at Fertility Associates for frozen samples for IUI , or can supply an on the spot jar sample if you prefer. Let me know if I can help I'm living not far from Auckland Cheers Marty

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