Seeking a Hispanic donor

When you want a baby, sometimes there are no other options than going the "sperm donors way". By law, sperm donors in Australia must provide identifying information. So intended parents who want a baby through donor conception can look for sperm donors in a sperm bank.

by Lopez16 » 06 Aug 2020

my names Kate and my partners name is Keira.. we are both 30yrs old.. my partner has 2 children of her own and we would love to add a third.. I am of Hispanic descent and my partner will be the one to carry. So we are hopefully seeking a male with a Hispanic heritage if possible. It will only need to be a donation. Natural course will not be an option.

by GCft86 » 08 Aug 2020

Hello Kate,
I’m 34 y.o divorced male looking to help couples like yourselves achieve motherhood, I don’t have any drug or STI related issues, past or present. Kindly message me after reading my profile and we can take this forward. Thanks- Gk

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