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by Scott39 » 26 Sep 2011

My name is Scott, I'm 39-years-old, and I live in Eastern Oregon. I am 5'8" tall and I weigh 150 pounds. I have short brown hair and blue eyes. I'm also an artist. I do not smoke, I do not drink alcoholic beverages, and I do not touch drugs. I have no STDs and I have no criminal history.

I'm a healthy, single, heterosexual adult male who is white and I want to become a co-parent very badly. Unfortunately, I haven't found the right heterosexual woman who is very serious about being a co-parent. I also haven't found the right woman who shares the same traits, interests and/or moral beliefs as me.

I've never been married before and I don't have any kids of my own. However, I would love to become a father without the traditional strings of being married. I would also love to find a single woman/co-parent/partner who feels the same way that I do. I'm willing to travel anywhere in the U.S. to find my future co-parent and live with her.

So, does this woman exist in the real world? If so, where can I find her? I hope she's not living on Venus because I don't live on Mars. I live right here on planet Earth where my feet are planted firmly on the ground. I don't work for NASA, so I can't fly in a space shuttle to Venus to search for a female co-parent.

I'm very real, sincere, honest, understanding, kind, caring, loving, sweet, and I can make complete meals in the kitchen that require assembling and cooking in a real oven (not a microwave oven). I can also keep the toilet seat down in the bathroom. I don't like sports and I will never tell a woman that she is wrong, or I am right.

I also have no problem with asking for directions if I'm lost or I don't understand something. There are plenty of times when men get lost and need to ask for directions, especially when making love in the bedroom. Hey, I'm not afraid to admit it! I'm also not afraid to admit when I'm wrong or to say I'm sorry when I make a mistake.

So, why do I want to become a co-parent at my age? Well, I am on the cusp of turning 40-years-old. Most men my age already have kids and/or have seriously messed up their life and the lives of their partners. I haven't made those mistakes in my life, and I never will.


Because I'm highly intelligent and I have enough wisdom and common sense to know what kind of a woman/co-parent/partner that I want in my life. I've always been single so I can discover who I am and what will make me feel truly happy. And I've done it without getting married, without becoming a father, without experiencing a divorce, and without seriously messing up my life.

So, now I'm ready to experience being a co-parent with a warm, kind, caring nurturing, and happy single woman who truly wants to become a co-parent, and the best mommy in the world. In return, she'll be living with a great man (me) who truly desires to become the best co-parent and daddy in the world. What more could anyone hope for as a co-parent?

So, if you are a heterosexual woman, who is truly serious about having a baby, and you want a heterosexual male co-parent who is also very serious about having a baby, please let me know ASAP. I would be happy to start communicating with you by email.

If you reply to this post, please don't leave your email address or phone number in your reply. It will just be deleted by the moderator. Just send me a regular message through and I'll reply with a response message. I will also include my personal email address in my first response so we can communicate outside of

Also, please be serious in communicating with me by email. Just like you, I don't enjoy sending an email message to someone and not receive a response in return. That is considered rude and not very polite. So, please be kind and respectful and I will return the same courtesy.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

by futurmom » 02 Oct 2011

Hello....I am interested in u.....Pls contact me via email..... ******** Hope to hear from u soon.....take care !

by Scott39 » 17 Oct 2011

Hi, sunsetUK! Okay, you convinced me! I just sent you a message on I hope you received it and will send me a response message soon. Yes, if things work out great between us, I would be happy to re-locate to the UK so I can be with you. So...please read my message I sent to you and let's start talking! What do you say? Have a great day and I hope to hear from you soon!

by sunset2 » 23 Oct 2011

Hi Scott,

Sincere apologies but I just noticed that my last 2 replies on here were not posted - God knows why! Makes me look like a very rude person but truly it wasn't my fault. Hope you had a good weekend :)

I did try to send a wink to let you know I'm still here but that didn't work either! Looks like somebody's trying to make life difficult.

Take care (hope you get this)x

by Scott39 » 24 Oct 2011

Hi, sunset2!
I received your wink! Did you receive my wink in return? Have you received the messages I sent you through your profile page on If not, please let me know. I'm not allowed to post my personal email address in this forum. So, if you want to read my messages, or receive my personal email address, I can only send it to you as a message through your profile page on Hope you had a great weekend and hope to hear from you soon.


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