Searching for a donor in the GTA. (co-parenting possible) )

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by Shayzee » 20 Sep 2019

I'm looking for a sperm donor, I'm open to AI or NI. I am open to the possibility of co-parenting (under the right circumstances)
My partner and I spend the summers (4 months) in PEI and the rest of the year here in the GTA. We are ready to add a new human to our family! But first, we need your parts!! :)
looking forward to hearing from you, and chatting about the possibilities of creating a new life together.

by Seedman » 23 Sep 2019

I dont mind helping you out.

by valtim » 24 Sep 2019

je suis disponible a vous donner du sperme

by KenG » 30 Oct 2019

Are you still looking?

by EMTTRT » 04 Nov 2019

Good evening madam, how is the search turning out? I'm a US citizen, so the child would possibly have dual citizenship. Lets talk and have fun.

by shiningl » 05 Dec 2019


I am based in Toronto; on the border on Toronto and North York.
Please visit my profile; if interested to take this further, please message me.

Warm regards,

by Robmcl » 06 Dec 2019

I would love to help you out. I will not be involved with your child. But I am healthy sucessful all my children are okder and very sucessful as well. I am 5’8” tall bright blue eyes. You will be pregnant after one meeting.

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