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by Daniel56 » 20 Jan 2016


For some time now, I'm in a search for a co parent to have a child together; however, so far I was not successful.
I can't tell exactly what is the reason, but women that I approached on this and other websites did not answer my
emails, I received an answer from a co parent that claim that I'm too old for her, I wished her well and good luck.

Now, I'm somewhat shy and do not like to brag, so I'm saying it almost for the same time, I'm a good looking man, age
wise I'm old, but as a men I'm very active and attractive, I do yoga, I Run, I eat well, In general I do enjoy life, I meditate, and
read books on variety of subjects.

I know that time is a precious commodity and if I like it or not people view me in certain ways, but a baby's do well
not because their parents are young; love, attention, patience and most likely some other ingredient contribute to
the baby's well being.

I have to take a brake I may continue soon, feel free to respond.

by mominma » 23 Jan 2016

/What state are you? What are you looking for in a co parent?

How old are you? when would you want to start?

My profile name is mominma.

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