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by NeatDad » 15 Oct 2013

I am a 40 year old black male, 5'11", 189 black hair, shaved bald, brown eyes, nice looking and single. I would like to have a child or children of my own. I would prefer to raise my son or daughter with good moral and values with a co-parent in a healthy relationship (parenting relationship). I would prefer my first child to be a boy as that would mean a lot to me, as l would love to teach my son the way a respectable man should be. It would be great to have my family line continued. I would appreciate it if the potential mother had similar moral and values as me. I would like for the mother and I to have a real friendship with trust, respect and honesty. I have a large supporting, loving family who would not mind helping or raising the child if need be. I have some college back ground. I am not rich but a hard worker. I personally don’t care what color, race, nationality, ethnicity or sexual orientation the woman is just as long as she is healthy with a good head on her shoulders, genuine, affectionate and respectable.

by lilbit » 03 Jul 2014

Hi. i am in SC. Where are you located? Im very interested in talking to you.

by LoveHaven » 07 Feb 2016

:D Hello. I'm interested in knowing more about you! I'm located in Texas. Where are you?

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