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I’m willing to donate my sperm to help you conceive, but I will wait until Fall/Winter when the weather is cooler to ship it to you in Nevada. Even the best semen shipping kit containers are affected by external heat that will ruin the sperm sample(s). Take time now to determine your ovarian cycle window within three days (72hours): this will be the date that my sperm donation will arrive for you to use. Also, invest in and start taking pregnancy vitamins now containing (Omega 3, Folate/Folic, and PS) that will nourish your brain/hormonal uterine cycle and ovaries. Learn Yoga to help you with breathing, flexibility and relaxation.
Talk to your baby everyday before he/she is born. It may sound crazy, but it helps any neonate prior birth with their audio/visual recognition in learning speech/sound patterns and their sensory-motor movements. Early to talk, early to walk. Hence, Language is an innate ability established prior to birth. Today we call it fluid intelligence and brain plasticity. So if you are bilingual speak both languages to your baby before he/she is born. If not listen to or learn another second language during your pregnancy so this language too will be imprinted. The Mozart effect works if you already play a stringed instrument, such as a violin or piano (even an electric guitar). Just like language, the harmonics of music can be learned by a neonate before birth. Harmonic/pitch recognition and mathematical/spatial ability are interconnected synaptic-neural pathways. I could continue, but I’m running out of typing room.
So if you are interested in using me as a sperm donor, send me (GoodDay) a wink, so i will know.