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We are a loving married Lesbian couple wanting to start a family! We are looking for a Caucasian male preferably brown or blonde hair with hazel, green, or brown eyes. 5’5″-6’5″ height and slender or athletic build. We are trying to have a child that could be seen as coming from either one of us that’s why we have these preferred specifications. We would like someone who enjoys music, if you play as well that’s even better as we both do! Also someone into sports is a plus!

A little about us: we are both US Military veterans with strong career paths that will enable us to provide great opportunities for our children. We both come from very loving families that give their full support! We are southern girls with strong family values! We also have two very loving puppies that will be great long time pets for our child/children as well. Twins running in one side of the family so if they run in yours that is okay. We will consider outside of our preferred specifications. Those are just basic guidelines :)

Before you contact please understand we are looking for a donor only and will have a notarized contract signed by both parties that we will not ask anything more of you other than your sperm and you will not have any involvement in the
Pregnancy or child’s life. This type of agreement is a must! This is just another option for us and if we cannot find someone who will respect our stipulations we will have to revert to a bank which we would rather not.

Hello, Could def help you out, I am a Military member myself, Im stationed in San Antonio though, if you’d like to come up here id be more than willing to help you out in creating your family. More power to you and Thank you for serving also!