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I think it’s really important to be specific about ones needs in a coparent. For example, I don’t want to have to wait until my child is 3+ years old to spend time with me and spend the night, but then again that may work better for a sperm donor with limited rights. For me, I genuinely want to help make decisions for the child and though we may not live together ( though I’m open to an open marriage hehe) I feel the responsibilities should be split 50/50. It appears the majority of people I’ve perused on here would like to have full custody of the child–which is not realistically possible for the man since most women want the child. With that said, ideally my compromise is have two children: one stays with me the other with her, they see each other frequently and no one has to worry about sole custody etc. My main advice is to truly and genuinely be specific so no ones time is wasted. This is truly planned parenthood and though I’m frustrated this hasn’t happened to me yet (wanted kids the longest I can remember) the good news is my child will have a great life because the circumstances and situations were carefully planned. :geek: