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AI is “Best” for many reasons. BUT it is horses for courses. Some women want NI(Sex) about 1-5% from my reading of requests for sperm. Some men want NI and NO AI. Some men don’t care either way, as long as it is the mother’s choice. Some only want AI as that simplified the spiritual, medical, legal, relationship and respect issues. Lesbians and partnered straight women have a partner to consider as well. Bi and single women have less incentive to demand AI.
Some donors will “Bait and switch” agreeing to AI but when the time comes for donation pressure the women for the “Better” method of NI. Some donors also charge big money for sperm.
IF you want my 20 + reasons why I don’t do NI ask me.
I have made 15 beautiful children (+2 current pregnancies) with AI and my treating the mothers with respect has made me good friends. :D