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Hi there, I~m recently new to the co parents forum and wondered if you were still interested in donating/co parenting? :D I like your blog and I`m looking to complete/add to my family, I`m a single parent to a 20month old boy who is the light of my life at times challenging but love him so much and tell him so every day even when he`s a bit naughty! I would love to give him a play mate close to his age but find it hard to meet people and ideally co parenting would be good for a child to feel love. my sons biological dad hasnt been in the picture since he left and never called so i dont think he knows he got me pregnant, I`ve had two boys but wouldnt mind if i had another as long as the bub is healthy! you can contact me via this site or email ***, thanks i hope to hear from you soon!