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Hello!! Ciao!

My names Julian. Im a single nearly 33 yr old male looking for a responsible coparent as well!! Or more hopeful! You never know where this life will lead us. What a coincidence though that you’re italiano haha! Me too!! I’m Sicilian/Italian. Born in Sicily actually but moved to the states as a baby. My mom is from Cali. I enjoyed reading your post and wanted to reach out.

I live in Oregon. I’m ready and responsible to start to coparent with another, or talk what you’d like :)
I have a big heart and I’m loving, familia means everything to to me. It’s in our culture haha!! I’ve love to talk more about us and the baby to come. I’m a distribution center manager and absolutely love my career and where I work. Stable in my work life and home life. I was a dad before from belly to 8yrs old with my stepdaughter. Unfortunately her mom & I aren’t together any longer and she with a new man. So I don’t get to be see kid much at all now since they’ve moved. But, I raised my daughter and very good at parenting. So you wouldn’t need to worry. I’m very good with the whole pregnancy and I’ll will be there for our kid all their life and I’ll be there for you too.

I just have a great feeling about messaging you. So hope my vibes are right! Please do reach out! Text if you can. five oh 3- 3 eight ate, 69 oh four ;)

Prayers and blessings,