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Hello there! my partner and I are looking for an anonymous sperm donor. We have been together for just over five years and married for two of them. It has been our dream to start a family since we met. We’ve spent the entirety of our time together traveling the world and seeing some amazing things, living in several different states with our jobs. Now that we’re ready to begin the journey of having kids and settling down, we’ve decided to give this a shot. With sperm bank prices so high it forces us to spend potentially thousands and in to the tens of thousands to try and get pregnant. That is money we would like to save and spend on our actual child so that they can have the best upbringing possible. You would be doing an amazing thing in bringing so much happiness and joy into our lives and it’s a wonderfully selfless act that we could never repay you for. You would never know the child, we would never speak again after the process, and we would not be having sex for the sperm. My wife is red headed and it’s something we would love to pass on to our children. Please message me if you can help us, thanks for your time!