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My sperm is from an excellent gene pool, i have and my great grandkids, grandkids and daughter all are mentally and physically healthy.
and very handsome and beautiful kids. I think when looking for sperm you need to understand the health issues of people, you want a healthy baby and as well as a healthy child and adult.
I work out and cycle 70 miles a week. I don’t have any heath issues at 63 and my family and sister are also vey healthy. I have one bye eye and one brown eye. If you are interested we can visit this in more detail.
I have a value on my sperm, not giving it away, my background is russian and german, my grandparents lived to be in their eighties with good health.
I aslo don’t believe in AI, it has to be the old fashioned way, i would want to know my child was part of a process that was not natural. “Feel strongly on that issue”
Please contact me if you are interested in talking further.