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I’m new to all this and didn’t know such a thing like coparenting exists so now I’m very interested in a man who wants to coparent or just provide the sperm if coparenting isn’t his wishes.

If we do coparenting then would only be interested in a straight man…want my baby to be raised to be straight. This will be my first baby and first time mommyhood…heeheee. To be honest never have tried to get pregnant with a man yet. We always used protection and other methods. A health screen would be required. I will pay for the health screen but do need a man who can come see me since circumstances prevent me from seeing you if you live outside Kansas City area.

I will send photos of me and would like to see photos of you as well. I have found the right website because see that there really are good loving men out there wanting to be fathers and can’t wait to meet one of you.