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Hi, I’m 27 years old i work and study in IT. For the last 4yrs I have wanted to have a baby, but find the right time or person to have one with never seem to happen, so this year 2010 I am ready to become a father.

I consider myself to be a warm. loving, curious, intelligent individual who finds beauty from the smallest of things.Im looking for some one to co-parent with me. Im not looking for a lot some one that really wants a baby and to look after him/her but i would really like to be a big part of the baby’s life, be there for it and help out as much as i can. im looking for a nice person, and loving that just what im looking for someone i can trust! so if your out there please do email me for a chat.Im hardworking,brainy,charming and a lovely nature and never smoked , i would consider to travel anywhere to meet up? just one of the unlucky ones that ant had a chance to become a dad. It would make me so happy the best thing ever. I hope to here from you soon :-)