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I’m a bit new to this (er.. very new actually, only joined yesterday) but what exactly is a co-parent? Is it different to a ‘normal’ mom and dad (ie born before 1960: meet, marry, have kids, fight for 50 years / born after 1960: meet, live together, have kids, fight for 5 years, divorce) :-)
and what’s the difference between a non-active co parent, and a sperm donor/surrogate?
What am I…? My wife cant have children (and doesnt want any more anyway, hers are grown up) and I dont want to leave her, but would like to create a baby, and if allowed by the mother, or requested by the son/daughter, have some sort of ‘absent-father’ relationship.
I guess these are general questions for any/all to answer, but they are genuine questions.

Sadly, Bonny Scotland is a bit far for me, but very best of luck, and well done for having the courage to ‘go for it’.