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G-day all,

Just putting the call out there that I am living in Port Macquarie and am more then happy to donate sperm to any one who may need it to start there little family.

I will be more then happy to donate for artificial insemination or via “natural” donation (through sexual intercourse to those who I meet and chat to first and we are both happy to take that route)

But a little about me so you know a bit about me.

I’m currantly 25 (26 in mid december 2012) I live in the beautifull Port Macquarie on the NSW mid north coast.

I have pure blonde hair (not out of a bottle it skipped 3 generations and made it’s grand re debut with me) Blue eyes 176cm tall.

I love to enjoy life, I’m not one to get all fenatical about organising life weeks or months in advance, I only plan some of the major stuff such as around christmas in order to fit everything in.

Love walks on the beach and just chilling out and taking each day as it comes and occasionly do spur of the moment things such as one morning I got up and decided to go on a nice drive up to Zig Zag railway in lithgow jump onboard a steam train for a round trip then got on a herritage diesel motor unit train for the tour on that.

Family is important to me and if you mess with one person out of our family you tend to mess with the lot of us.

So I enjoy life and live each day as it comes and am wanting to eventually settle down and have kids and a family of my own untill then I am more then happy to lend a hand in helping other people start there own family.

regardless if your a hetrosexual or lesbian couple that cant have kids due to a lack of swimmers I’d be more then happy to help make your dream of that family come true,

As for the lesbian couples I will also be more then happy to donate to the both of you so you both end up with a child that is biologically yours if you wish to do it that way

Hi Portmac!
Are you still interested in donating? We live in Melbourne. My partner & I would love a baby/babies. Any questions? Feel free to ask….Regards