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Hello! I agree with Sherri with the idea that co-parenting is similar to divorce. My position, at 40, is that very few women l know do not have children. Some are married, some re-married, some now single after divorce, and some always single. I think if l have a child through co-parenting, then meet someone, l’ll expect him to accept the child exactly the same as if l’d been divorced, and the child was a result of a relationship. The child would be mine first, then the co-parent’s.
For me, l had a long-term relationship with a man who had major mental health issues. We waited and waited, it was never the ‘right’ time to start a family, until one day l realised it was exactly what he wanted – no children. Now l’m reaching the end of my fertile years, l’ve waited to find someone else, but l realise that finding someone and having a child might well be two seperate issues.
I would say, concentrate your search for a co-parent who has similar religious values to you. And be kind to yourself, life is rarely ideal, and we aren’t perfect. Good luck, l hope you get everything your heart needs.