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Hi Kim, I’m in the Sunshine Coast. I just registered my profile and still waiting approval, but here’s my description:

I’ve recently been through a battery of tests for an IVF donor program, but although my sperm count is within normal range (20 million), it was not enough for this company’s donor requirements.

Throughout the process I became excited about the possibility of being a donor and helping families conceive.

Other tests:

– Full STI test – all clear
– Blood tests – all good, blood type O+
– Genetic panel looking for ~260 genetically linked disorders – I don’t carry any known genetic disorders.

I have no family history of serious illness (physical or mental). I have green-brown eyes, & brown hair with no balding or any greys. I grew up in South Africa and Botswana and my heritage is ~94% European, 3% African, & 3% South Asian.

I am 180 cm tall and considered the short one in my family. I have a 15 yo son who is already 184.5 cm (blue eyes, and very, very smart). I did well academically and studied medicine for 3 years before I switched to engineering. I was briefly a member of Mensa.

Although diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, I’ve been highly successful in my career and I find it easy to make friends. Always loved taking part in sports and won national bronze in Karate at 17 and I’m an advanced skier, but I’m less of an athlete and have more of a love for intellectual and creative pursuits such theatre, music, debate, public speaking, writing, drawing, woodwork etc. I also volunteer as a first responder and have been cleared to work with children in NSW and QLD.

I am not looking to co-parent but would consider being involved as an ‘uncle’ or mentor to your child. I am the godfather to two of my nieces and if need I have friends with children who could provide character references.

I’d love to help couples or individuals who are educated and who are able to provide a loving and intellectually stimulating environment for a potentially bright child.

AI preferred.