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Hi I am a Caucasian with some spanish in my blood line my Mother is all white and father is part spanish but raised white basically I myself have always been color blind I was exposed to racism on both ends but my mother whom I only cared of her opinion never focused and spoke about race in my home coming up but it was just understood from the rest of my family race could be an issue I ended up pregnant with a half african american beautiful baby girl it changed alot of people in my family view’s on love not perfect but somewhat~ I myself have never had an issue with race aside from what was put upon me so never understood why it mattered….I am now in an inner racial relationship with a black woman and find that I prefer it that way just my taste but I never cared too much either way about what the person’s race was that I was interested in so I understand where you are coming from and it appears to be in the black community as well the shade issue! Well I am definately more than open to co-parenting with an african american male!