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Hi Tina,

I’m single, in my 30’s and looking to co-parent. I’ve just recently joined the Co-parents network and love having a forum to discuss an issue I have not been able to share with my family yet.

First of all, I’m the eldest of a large boisterous family and have had the pleasure of helping bring up several nephews and neices. I envisioned myself as the best quirky aunt in the world and was quite content in this role until recently. I couldn’t wait for a relationship to grow (with the clock ticking) then I briefly looked at having a one night stand, which I quickly knocked on the head, then I looked at artificial insemination. The funny thing is members of my family can see me doing this and are ready to support me both emotionally and financially (though I am able to do both myself). What is really funny is that I can’t see myself going through with artificial insemination as I find that I am a traditional girl and would like to have my child naturally (as I am able to) and have the father known and participating in their life. With the co-parenting option I can be upfront about not wanting an intimate relationship with the father myself, but his relationship with our child is important both emotionally and financially. I would be upfront about being the main parent in all decisions (after consulting the father of course) concerning the wellbeing of our child.

To answer your other question about emotional and financial support, without my family and friends I would still be able to make it, however it would not be so easy and without making a lot of changes (and a few tears).

I would like to apologise for my novel and Thank you for asking the question.