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Are you looking for a relationship? or Co-parenting?
I am not looking for a relationship but do want to co-parent.
I’m 39 and battled cancer and won. So, this is my last chance at motherhood. Going to the brinks of death makes someone like myself look at how selfish I’ve been. My father calls me a professional student. I’ve been to three universities over the last 15 years and still don’t have a degree. Because of my illness I am now online and determine to change myself and finally grow up and get that degree. (I could have been a doctor by now, lol)
I had red hair before it fell out, now its dark brownish, blue-green eyes, freckles.
I am a tad hefty. I had a condition called starvation-mode after I beat the illness. Now I am on the highest hormone level there is, that is suppose to help. I lost 18 lbs in one week! yeah! Anyhow…I haven’t had any children nor married. But, I’m not interested in a relationship, but we could talk about terms. Like, six months with you and then wih me, or every weekend, or every other month…what ever will work.

I live in Oklhama but plan to move home to Oregon next july 2011.