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by INDIAN77 » 16 Mar 2016

Hi, I just joined this site, I never heard of coparenting before. I am 42 yr old heterosexual female. I wanted to know if anyone can give me some ideas of how it has gone for them. I am really nervous about doing this. I am not sure if I want to do this or if it will work for me. I have always wanted my whole life to be a wife and mom, but its hard to find the right guy. I am getting older and I wanted to conceive a child before I am too old. I have tried adopting, but its so expensive and I really wanted to give birth to a child. I do not have anyone in my life that understands my desire to be a wife and mom. I was hoping to find like minded people to talk to as I try to decide what I want to do. thank you so much.

by Gentlema » 17 Mar 2016

Ok, I would like to meet you, we can talk each other and after we can find the solution, Princess, what do you think about it?

by CComry » 20 Mar 2016

Hi there. I'm Chris. Where are you from? I totally understands your apprehension nervousness about doing this. I'm pretty new to this as well and would love to meet someone to have a baby with soon. I'm 35, stable and want to experience creating a life with someone. Perhaps you could message me?

Chris :)

by INDIAN77 » 21 Mar 2016

hi Chris how do I find u? I am still thinking this thru this is a very emotionally hard decision to make as well as financially for me. I am totally indecisive yet I know I have limited time due to my age for having a child naturally. thanks

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