Pretty blonde looking for coparent Seattle, Washington

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by gale253 » 05 May 2018

Hello from Seattle, WA! I am a 40 year old professional, wanting to start a family ASAP. I have been focused on my career, and now my clock is ticking- doctors say I need to find a co-parent ASAP.

I come from a great family and friends, have my MBA, credit score of 790, homeowner, well traveled, IQ of 136 and famous great grandma, no medical history in family.

I have a 75% chance of conceiving. I'm looking for a coparent who could financially support 50% of the child, and take part in the parenting. Romantic relationship not out of the question. Also open to coparent with a gay couple.

You: Be normal, friendly, professional, intelligent, and attractive- and really wanting to father. I live in the Seattle area and near Canada, and willing to travel. Hoping for a June 2018 NI.

by n8dgr8 » 09 May 2018

I'll actually have some time off by the end of June. If willing to compromise on a few things we could help each other out on this. I have test results available and prefer the same in return. I know Ohio is a bit far but I believe it can work out if we really want it too. Send a message if interested, thanks!

by Tod » 10 May 2018

Hi, I'll be visiting my sister in Tacoma in late May, might be a good chance to meet. I have a home in Newport, OR and in California. I'm kinda in a hurry as well and based on your education we will share a common terminology (MBA). I have a subscription to, let me know if you can see my profile. Though I did not think of mentioning my famous ancestors, I liked that about you.

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