Pre-HRT Trans Woman looking to donate in NY

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by KWM » 23 Jul 2018

Looking to donate sperm in NY to LGBT couples. About myself, I live in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York (but thinking about moving to Queens in a year). I am 6 foot and 170 pounds. I am white, very light skin, curly/wavy brown hair (people say it looks like Targaryen hair), and hazel eyes. I am 32 years old, and I look younger than I am. I naturally stay in shape without going to the gym, and also regardless of what I eat. I have an associates degree in Science, and a bachelors degree that is a double major in History, and Women's Studies. I am currently taking classes to become a computer programmer. Besides being trans I have no mental health issues, no depression, anxiety etc. I am an extrovert and I love people. Many people find me attractive when presenting as a man or a woman. I have zero anger problems, and I am always able to keep my cool even under the most stressful circumstances. I want to start HRT within the next year, so this is a timed offer.

I am not looking to take any financial responsibility. Any fees related to you becoming pregnant should be paid for by you. Any legal documents should be paid for by you. I am alright with being a part of the child's life as an aunt, parent, or friend, or not being a part of the child's life, that is up to you, but nothing more than once a week currently, as I would really like to focus on my transition for the time being. I am also not looking to have a lot of children, so one, maybe two couples and that is it. Or possibly one couple, and if they want multiple children we can arrange something with some of my sperm being frozen for future children, so all of them can be in the same family.

I am willing to send pics of what I look like as both a man and a woman if you are serious, also feel free to message me about any other questions you might have to see if we can come to an agreement about us being a match, I will probably be just as picky with you as you are with me. :)

by Cncpts91 » 22 Aug 2018

Hello, your post caught my eye. I am a 26 year old African American lesbian from the Bronx New York. I am masculine presenting but I have always wanted to have and carry a child of my own. This year I have really sat down and started along the journey to make this happen. I’m interested in talking more if at all possible.

by larak » 17 Feb 2019

We saw your posted and wanted to reach out. We are a professional lesbian couple in Ontario and are willing to travel. Are you still interested in helping couples make a family?

Happy Sunday,

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