Okay Lets Make a Beautiful Baby.

Looking for a US sperm donor, or want to be a sperm donor yourself? Then you might wonder whether you should get help from a sperm bank. Yet going to a sperm bank may feel safer, both for the sperm donor and the future parent(s). There is no best way to search in the USA.

by pvdonor » 18 Apr 2017

I am only a sperm donor and would not be interested in participating in raising the child. I will sign over any rights I may have as the biological father. We can complete the insemination by (NA) Natural means but one of us will need to travel. If you are not interested in the sex act I can make my donation privately and ship it to you in a special cryo container by Federal Express or DHL overnight courier. All you need to do is calculate your ovulation dates and l will organize shipping. I will deposit my donation in the special container and send it to you overnight. When it arrives you simply perform a simple Home Insemination and with a little bit of luck you will get pregnant. Or I can ship my semen directly to your doctor or a fertility clinic. This simple procedure is done by inserting the syringe containing the sperm into the vagina and slowly applying. Lets Make a Baby!!!

by MaryKS » 21 Apr 2017

Hi. I am interested. Please look at my profile if interested and let's chat more.

by Trissy » 28 Apr 2017

I'm interest. Look at my profile and let talk

by kimmy » 01 May 2017

email me please

by AliceAC » 05 May 2017

Intrested. Please see my profile.

by Skye1015 » 06 May 2017

I am interested in having it shipped to me..

by CJanBN » 15 May 2017

Interested in shipping. New to forum :)

by Georgean » 15 May 2017

I'm located in the Philadelphia area & interested. Please message me if the feeling is mutual

by Brieden » 16 May 2017

Would appreciate your help. Please email me

by Brinab29 » 17 May 2017

Interested in learning more about you

by Lex8981 » 18 May 2017

Have you had a sperm analysis?? Very interested!!

by nickyc » 26 May 2017

Interested in shipping... lets talk

by Ncain95 » 26 May 2017

Interested it having it shipped to me so let's talk.

by Yonii12 » 20 Jun 2017

Interested in shipping it to me.

by Jayeegee » 21 Jun 2017

Hello I'm extremely interested in your offer of sending the sperm it has been my dream to be a mom with the right help I'll be able to! If your interested in helping me just let me know :)!

by Tayonna » 25 Jun 2017

Hi i cant msg bt will you help me and my wife and ship it to buffalo ny

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