NYC Male Seeking Female

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by Ck10303 » 31 Jan 2020

SWM in New York City area seeking female to have a baby. 6’, healthy disease and drug free, amazing green eyes. No history of mental illness or cancer in family. Contact if interested.

by Ck10303 » 21 Feb 2020

Actively looking :)

by mage82 » 08 Mar 2020

Have you found what you're looking for?

by Ck10303 » 12 Mar 2020

Not yet Mage. :)

by mage82 » 17 Mar 2020

I guess it's a good thing or bad idk if you're on a time crunch.

by Ck10303 » 18 Mar 2020

Very true Mage. I'm looking for someone in the NYC area. I live in Staten Island. I saw your profile Mage and understand your situation. Maybe we can talk.

by mage82 » 21 Mar 2020

thats not too far off from where i live. im in manhattan. just right now everything is going on lock down so its kind of hard to meet and great. but yes when im able to subscribe i will and we can talk further. i just not sure how long that will take since for me my priority right now is food and shelter for my myself and my family. but looking forward to the near future to subscribing and hopefully making a good connection. wishing you health during these scary times. god bless.

by Ck10303 » 22 Mar 2020

Stay safe Mage. Take care of your loved ones and hit me up when things quiet down.

by Ebun » 24 Mar 2020

What exactly are you seeking for.?

by mage82 » 27 Mar 2020

Will do! Thank you. Same to you.

by Julie023 » 31 Mar 2020

Hi Ck10303 - How are you?

by Ck10303 » 02 Apr 2020

Hiya Julie :)

by Ck10303 » 26 Apr 2020

Looking for a local female if interested hit me up. :)

by kimmyxo » 29 Apr 2020

I’m interested and would love to chat more. I’m not sure how to contact you, I’m new on here

by Ck10303 » 29 Apr 2020

Hi Kim,

The only way to really contact someone is through the site itself. Here you can chant but cant share contact info :/

by Marie031 » 10 May 2020

If you ever decide to move to SoCal. I’m looking for a male!

by Ck10303 » 13 May 2020

Haha will do Marie if I ever end up there. :)

by zzzandy » 17 May 2020

Let me know if you’re still interested in a co-parent. I live in westchester and work in the city. I’m Ivy League educated and work in health care. Ready to have kids.

by Marym44 » 20 May 2020

Hi! I just signed up for this. I'm geographically accessible :) Good Mom potential. Have had lots of nurturing jobs: teacher, nanny, SAT tutor. Currently running food pantry deliveries as a volunteer.

Wishing everyone luck in their search!

by Ck10303 » 05 Jun 2020

Ready and looking in NYC/NJ area :)

by Ck10303 » 05 Jul 2020

Still looking! :)

by SunnyNYC » 08 Jul 2020

Hi- How do I view your profile? I am in Manhattan.

by Tammyb » 09 Jul 2020

I am interested, if you’re interested please message me, I’m not on here often but will be checking messages :)

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