NI or AI sperm donor wanted in Wellington.

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by bex4126 » 28 Jun 2018

Hi there. I am a 37 year old bisexual woman seeking a sperm donor in the Wellington region. I have just been told my fertility window will be closing shortly. Any nice guys out there who can help me fulfill my dream of becoming a mother?

by starmany » 01 Jul 2018

where is wellington? ..lets talk

by kumark » 01 Jul 2018

I can help you but am in Sydney, Australia. Email me if you are interested ***

by steamfan » 14 Jul 2018

Hello there
Have a look at my profile.
Happy to help
Best regards

by Wendol » 23 Jul 2018

I live in Welington. I will be here for a few more months before I move to Britain.

by kwather » 20 Aug 2018

Hi, I am a Wellington donor and have been screened by Fertility Associates. Please review my profile and send me a message if interested.

by caleb2 » 14 Sep 2019

hello, yes I'm Wellington-based, but travel for work :) .. i could help you out my dear :) let's communicate :)

by Nordic1 » 21 Feb 2020


I am available when you may need a donor, if you already haven't been provided for!

Thank you


by Peter76 » 22 Feb 2020

I would also like to be able to help you. I can easily travel to Wellington to provide you with the necessary ingredients to make your wish come true.

If interested, post a reply in here, and I will get back to you ASAP.


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